Publishing to ESGF with CMOR

Climate Model Output Rewriter (CMOR), written in C with access also provided via Fortran 90 and through Python. CMOR is used to produce CF-compliant  netCDF files. The structure of the files created by CMOR and the metadata they contain fulfill the requirements of many of the climate community’s standard model experiments (which are referred to here as “MIPs”  (Model Intercomparison Projects) and include, for example, AMIP, PMIP, APE, and IPCC [DN1] scenario runs).

CMOR is developed by the Analytics and Informatics Managements Systems (AIMS) team and the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory with funding by BER ESGF project and PCMDI project.

CMOR use for E3SM participation in CMIP6

E3SM will participate in CMIP6 model intercomparison with the DECK CMIP6 experiments (see v1 Configurations ). We will use CMOR to prepare the data in the format that CMIP6 requires. We plan to have the files published by the end of May 2018. Below are useful links to the CMOR software.


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