E3SM Tutorials

As E3SM community grows with new ecosystem project and other collaborative projects working with the E3SM model and data, it is important for E3SM to educate new users and provide tutorials on the model, the data, how to run/test the model and the tools available for that.

  • E3SM will provide a series of on-line v1 training sessions designed for new collaborators
  • The first tutorials will be virtual and consist of
      • a presentation (ppt or pdf),
      • a recording of the presentation,
      • a text file with instructions and hands-on exercises.

2018/2019 E3SM Tutorials

2018 Tutorials will focus on the practical lessons provided in the form of a recording, a presentation and an exercise file.

The first E3SM Tutorials virtual sessions will cover:

  • E3SM quick start to get, set up and run the E3SM v1 model at NERSC
  • E3SM scientifically validated configurations
  • Model output and how to get it from ESGF
  • Quick start to use evaluation and diagnostic codes for the E3SM
  • Brief introduction to E3SM version 1.0 components

First E3SM online Tutorials will become available in December 2018.  Please stay tuned and check this page for the dates and the schedule.

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