Global E3SM simulation showing eddy activity.
Credit: M. Petersen, P. Wolfram and T. Ringler
DOE's E3SM is a state-of-the-science Earth system model development and simulation project to investigate energy-relevant science using code optimized for DOE's advanced computers

AGU 2023 E3SM Town Hall “A Decade of Earth System Modeling Effort at the DOE”

The recording of the presentation on “E3SM as an Open Science Model Development Project” from the AGU 2023 Town Hall: “E3SM: A Decade of Earth System Modeling Effort at the Department of Energy” can be found on E3SM YouTube channel at: (This is a portion of the Town Hall presentation that was not presented at AGU on 12/12/23 due to time limitation.) The pdf of this presentation is available here and the full Town Hall presentation can be found here.

Featured Stories

Xujing Davis, E3SM Program Manager, DOE BER

From Program Manager

Xujing Davis presents news about E3SM and DOE >>

E3SM Timeline

E3SM project achieved its bold decadal vision in 2023 and looks back into the timeline leading to it >>

Gordon Bell Prize Team

The team behind the 2023 Gordon Bell Prize for Climate Modeling >>

Water Cycle in V1 HR

High Resolution E3SMv1 compared to Low Res generally improves simulation >>

Ultra-high-resolution ELM

The development of the Ultra-high-resolution E3SM Land Model >>


E3SM was well represented in the 2023 AGU and 2024 AMS Meetings >>

AMS Fellows

Among the 2024 AMS Award were two scientists: Xiaohong Liu and Yun Qian >>

Report on Digital Twins

The highly anticipated report from a series of Workshops on Digital Twins was recently published >>


  • Cloud in E3SMv1 and v2

    Changes in Cloud from E3SM Version 1 to Version 2 >>
  • Modes of Climate

    Using a deep learning, scientists identified twelve unique winter weather systems at Puget Sound  >>
  • Ocean Interior

    The inclusion of ocean interior reflectance improved ocean surface albedo parameterization  >>
  • Major redox zones and salinity gradient considered in this study.

    Coastal wetland

    Simulations of methane production across complex coastal landscapes  >>


  • US-RSE Conference

    The 1st Annual Conference of the US Research Software Engineer Conference was held in Chicago, IL >>
  • Ocean Science Meeting

    OSM, the global leader in ocean sciences conferences, unifies the ocean's community every two years >>
  • AeroCom/AeroSAT

    The 22nd International AeroCom/AeroSAT Workshop Explores Advances in Aerosol Research >>
  • Latest Webinars

    All-hands presentations continue to inform scientists as well as the public >>


E3SM is a fully coupled, state-of-the-science Earth system model (ESM) capable of global high definition configuration (25km atmosphere, 12km river model, variable 18 to 6km ocean model, >>


Released global Coupled model simulation output data from E3SM target experiments, both the low and high definition configurations. >>


Software applications for coupled and component model diagnostic, evaluation and analysis, data transfer, manipulation, regridding and post processing. Model development tools and unit >>


Model and data help and support