Three new model components are included in the E3SM v1 configuration: Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) Ocean, MPAS Sea Ice, and MPAS Land Ice. Pictured here is global E3SM simulation showing eddy activity.
Credit: M. Petersen, P. Wolfram and T. Ringler
DOE's E3SM is a state-of-the-science Earth system model development and simulation project to investigate energy-relevant science using code optimized for DOE's advanced computers

AGU 2023 E3SM Town Hall “A Decade of Earth System Modeling Effort at the DOE”

The recording of the presentation on “E3SM as an Open Science Model Development Project” from the AGU 2023 Town Hall: “E3SM: A Decade of Earth System Modeling Effort at the Department of Energy” can be found on E3SM YouTube channel at: (This is a portion of the Town Hall presentation that was not presented at AGU on 12/12/23 due to time limitation.) The pdf of this presentation is available here and the full Town Hall presentation can be found here.

E3SM Version 2.1 is released

Version 2.1 of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model was formally frozen and tagged in the project repository on January 12, 2023. After this date, only maintenance and bug-fix updates will be made to this version and are available in the maint-2.1 branch.  Users of v2.1 are requested to delay submitting papers that use this new version until the project submits its initial v2.1 publication, thereby creating a peer-reviewed article for reference.

We ask v2.0 users to cite the main overview paper and the source code in their publications.

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E3SM is a fully coupled, state-of-the-science Earth system model (ESM) capable of global high definition configuration (25km atmosphere, 12km river model, variable 18 to 6km ocean model, >>


Released global Coupled model simulation output data from E3SM target experiments, both the low and high definition configurations. >>


Software applications for coupled and component model diagnostic, evaluation and analysis, data transfer, manipulation, regridding and post processing. Model development tools and unit >>


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