Supported Machines

Supported Machines for Running E3SM

We currently only provide external support for running E3SM on cori-knl at NERSC.

The E3SM project can not provide computer time for users to run the model.  However any researcher with support from DOE can get time on NERSC. See NERSC allocations for more information and, if you are a new user, see information for easily getting a first allocation.

While we support only cori-knl for external users, E3SM can run on all DOE machines at NERSC, ALCF and OLCF as well as others.

If you would like to try porting E3SM to your platform, start by porting CIME.

E3SM Dedicated Machines

E3SM project members can use two machines dedicated solely or partially to E3SM


The E3SM project develops several tools (Tools) that can be used for  visualization, analysis, diagnostics, data management, end-to-end and other processing. They are supported either directly on compute platforms or on designated analysis platforms.

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