Closely Related Projects


SciDAC4 (2017- )

  • Price et al: Prospect: ice-sheet and sea-level modeling

  • Turner et al: Sea-ice for high-resolution global simulation

  • Bosler et al: Next-generation atmospheric dycore development

  • Wan et al: Atmospheric physics convergence

  • Ricciuto et al: Land-atmosphere uncertainties and observation optimization

  • Jones et al, CANGA: Next-generation coupling


E3SM-FOA1482 partner projects (2015-2018)

  • Randall et al: Quasi-3D MMF atmospheric model

  • Mlawer et al: Improving performance of RRTMG

  • Zeng et al: Process coupling improvements for E3SM

  • Zhang et al: Estuary model for E3SM

  • Jain et al: Dynamic land-use treatment for E3SM

  • Mahowald et al: Iron – Potassium – Nitrogen couplings across land-atmosphere-ocean BGC

  • Hess et al: Nitrogen and agriculture in the coupled Earth system

  • Moore et al:


Climate Model Development and Validation (2016-2017)

  • Salinger et al., CMDV – Software Modernization

  • Golaz et al., CMDV-RRM: Atmosphere modeling with regional refinement

  • Ghan et al., CMDV- MCS: Atmosphere model improvements to study Mesoscale Convective Systems

  • Romps et al., CMDV-CM4: Boundary layer cloud model improvements

  • CMDV-Land



  • ECP: Exascale computing project

  • Long et al: MARBL – portable Ocean BGC model

  • NGEE-Tropics

  • NGEE-Arctic


SciDAC3 (2011-2016)

  • Collins et al, Multiscale: Atmospheric multi-scale modeling

  • Price et al, PISCEES: Ice sheet development

  • Taylor et al: Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model

  • Jones et al, LEAP: Efficient tracer-transport algorithms for atmosphere and ocean


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