Status of v1 Campaign

Each model version is used in a simulation campaign consisting of major simulations to address the questions of science drivers in the water cycle, biogeochemistry, and the cryosphere system.

The water cycle campaign uses the E3SM configuration (version v1.0) designed to study water and energy cycles in the atmosphere, ocean, sea ice, land and river components. Version 1.0 addresses the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) water cycle science questions relating to water availability, water cycle extremes, and interactions between the water cycle and the rest of the human-earth system on local to global scales.

This physical model also serves as a foundation for two additional variants: a “biogeochemistry configuration(version 1.1) with interactive nitrogen and phosphorous for studying interactions between biogeochemical cycles and other earth system components, and a “cryosphere configuration (version 1.2) with added interactive ice-shelf cavities for assessing the impacts of ocean-ice shelf interactions on Antarctic Ice Sheet dynamics and the implications for sea level rise.

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