Status of v1 Cryo Campaign

Each model version is used in a simulation campaign consisting of major simulations to address the questions of science drivers in the water cycle, biogeochemistry, and the cryosphere system.

E3SM v1 Cryosphere experiment: Planned simulations.

Undergoing - Cryosphere Simulations

  • Ocean-sea-ice only simulations have been conducted for several decades at both low/standard and high resolution (~30 and ~10 km near Antarctic ice shelves, respectively), including heat and freshwater fluxes between the ocean and ice shelves, in order to investigate the importance of high spatial resolution on accurate simulation of sub-ice shelf melt rates.
  • One set of low/standard-resolution pre-industrial (1850) fully coupled simulations have been conducted for about 75 years, both with and without heat and freshwater fluxes between the ice shelves and oceans, in order to better understand the broader impacts of explicitly resolved ice shelf melt fluxes on Southern Ocean high-latitude water mass transformation and regional and global ocean circulation.
  • Low/standard-resolution simulations with improved liquid and solid Antarctic ice sheet fluxes to the ocean (explicit sub-ice shelf melting and data iceberg climatology) have been conducted for about 100 years to study the importance of improved treatments compared to more approximate treatments.
  • Low/standard-resolution (30-60-~45 km), pre-industrial fully-coupled simulations with and without ice shelf cavities should start soon. The component-sets were created and tested in support of the Cryosphere campaign’s fully coupled simulations.

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