Status of v1 Cryo Campaign

Each model version is used in a simulation campaign consisting of major simulations to address the questions of science drivers in the water cycle, biogeochemistry, and the cryosphere system.

E3SM v1 Cryosphere experiment: Planned simulations.

Ongoing - Cryosphere Simulations

The E3SM version 1.2 tag had been established to mark the configuration of the model to be used in Cryosphere v1 simulation campaign.  The planned simulations include coupled ocean and sea ice with data atmosphere and land forcing  (CORE-II simulation), as well as fully-coupled (active atmosphere and land) configurations at both standard- and medium- resolution (i.e., 60-30km and 30-10km).

Standard-resolution (60to30km), ocean-ice only simulations with ice shelf cavities:f

  • Four  simulations began with different representations of Antarctic runoff (CORE-II cycles) to understand the Southern Ocean biases (fresh at surface, warm at depth) that contribute to unrealistically high ice shelf melt rates, and 320 out of 1200 years of simulations were completed.

Standard-resolution (60to30km), pre-industrial  coupled simulations with and without ice shelf cavities:  

  • A pair of coupled simulations with ice shelves, but with and without melt fluxes activated, have been run out 150 years.  The simulation plan is to perform 200 years, the continuation is on hold until CORE-II simulations are completed and analyzed. 

Medium-resolution (30to10km), ocean-ice only simulations with ice shelf cavities:

  • Both with and without melt flux simulations were started and completed ~5 and 10 yrs.
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