Support Policy

The E3SM project fully realizes and embraces the importance of making the model source code, the data and the application software tools publicly available, and of communicating and informing the scientific community and the public about all stages of the project, its research and future plans.

As the model code becomes an open development project, we cannot commit ourselves to increased support to cover developmental versions. We are committed though to provide limited support for the scientifically validated simulations from which the data will be publicly released.


The initial, April 2018 release consisted of the water cycle low resolution configuration for the CMIP6 DECK pre-industrial control experiment, its input data and the output data together with the diagnostic climatologies.

The initial support will include the support for this single compset configuration. As we perform and validate additional target simulations, we will release the data and their configuration and will provide support for those particular configurations.

The limited support for the compsets from the released simulations will consists of:

  • providing and maintaining model code and configurations for the scientifically validated and released simulation
  • providing all necessary input files,
  • providing documentation on tuning parameters and namelist parameters.
  • releasing selected data from the simulation by publishing it to the E3SM ESGF node
  • archiving and maintaining all the data from the simulation on an HPSS system.
  • ensuring this particular configuration runs on the E3SM-supported computational centers (at NERSC, OLCF and ALCF)

We cannot provide support for other compsets or resolutions within our current and expected resources. Clear guidance will be given to E3SM staff as to how much time they can spend on helping external collaborators and developers. The project is committed to limited support for the specified, supported compsets on DOE leadership machines at OLCF, ALCF, and NERSC.  Code porting to other platforms is beyond our resources at this time.

User support will be managed as follows

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