A-PRIME Diagnostics

A-PRIME Diagnostic output website example

A-PRIME (Accelerated Priority Metrics) is a freely available diagnostics software suite designed specifically for E3SM. Its mission is to enable E3SM developers to quickly assess the major model component attributes and identify critical biases early. It is designed to be executed on machines where the model is running, to prevent data transfer delays.


The primary documentation source is on the softwares GitHub A-PRIME home page  and within the top level bash execution script that comes with the code.


git clone https://github.com/E3SM-Project/a-prime
  • License:
    • Modified BSD

Requested Acknowledgement:

Evans K. J., Mahajan, S., Asay-Davis, X., Zender, C., Van Roekel, L., Branstetter, M., Petersen, M., Veneziani, M., Wolfram, P.,Burrows, S., and : ACME Priority Metrics (A-PRIME),
https://github.com/E3SM-Project/a-prime, released 8 June, 2017, DOI: COMING SOON
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