E3SM Project's Policies

The E3SM project has the following policies on code, data, simulations, early access to data etc:

  • E3SM code is open development (https://github.com/E3SM-Project/ )
  • E3SM reserves the right to first publication from its data, hence
  • Data is made available after first overview journal publication is submitted
  • Data can be downloaded through: (https://e3sm.org/data/ )
    • All Data: ESGF E3SM project space:  in native format, on native grid and regridded to lon-lat,
    • Subset: ESGF CMIP6  (subset of variables in CMIP6 format)
    • Subset: NERSC HPSS (world readable, native format)
  • Simulation description, compsets, documentation available when data available (after first overview journal publication is submitted)
  • Only production, main simulations are supported
  • The only supported E3SM versions are:
    • maint-v1.0  (Water Cycle Simulation Campaign),
    • maint-v1.1  (BGC Simulation Campaign)
    • maint-v1.2  (Cryosphere Simulation Campaign)
  • Supported machines: NERSC, Compy (internal Anvil)

Ecosystem Projects Wanting to Develop Code for E3SM

The ecosystem projects (the project funded by DOE BER to work on some aspects for E3SM)  or other projects that are planning on developing a piece of code for E3SM should:

  •  Coordinate early through the E3SM POC (Point Of Contact) to understand
    • E3SM current and future code plans
    • E3SM interest and needs
  • Complete Code Review Process: Design Document, Verification, Validation, Performance
  • Adhere to coding standards
  • Pay attention to performance
  • Plan a lot of time for integration with E3SM
  • Make sure there is a developer available to work closely with E3SM to resolve any issues when coupling to the full code stack and testing

Due to project’s limited resources – the E3SM cannot guarantee that it will incorporate the code

Collaboration Request

If a project would like to gain an early access to the data, simulation or other info, the External Projects should submit a collaboration request specifying

  • What data/simulation/early access information/ you need
  • What research you are planning to do
  • Specify an E3SM POC
  • Agree to collaborate and include the E3SM POC in your publication

Simply fill in the doc at  Collaboration Request

More Info

You can find more details on the E3SM communication and Support Policies for the E3SM Ecosystem projects from a recent presentation at the 2020 ESMD/E3SM Meeting.

If you are using the E3SM model or data for your research or in any publication, presentation or through other means, please read:

and follow data and support policies, acknowledge E3SM and DOE BER and read the Open Source License.

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