E3SM Unified Environment

E3SM software tools are easily installed through a Conda install. To make sure all software programs are able to coexist together and work seamlessly, the E3SM project is maintaining a unified Anaconda environment, E3SM Unified, which includes modules needed by all E3SM developed tools. Once you install this environment, you will be able to run any of the supported tools.

Activating the latest version of the Conda environment

On a supercomputer

To get all of the tools in the metapackage installed, use one of the sets of commands below and the activation path from the table below.

  • Default (without conda-forge version of MPI) for bash or csh shells:
    source <activate_path>/load_latest_e3sm_unified_<machine>.sh
    source <activate_path>/load_latest_e3sm_unified_<machine>.csh


Path to activation script: <activate_path>

  • ACME1 (LLNL) – /usr/local/e3sm_unified/envs
  • Anvil/Blues & Chrysalis (ANL) – /lcrc/soft/climate/e3sm-unified
  • Compy (PNNL) – /share/apps/E3SM/conda_envs
  • Cooley  (ALCF) – /lus/theta-fs0/projects/ccsm/acme/tools/e3sm-unified
  • Cori (NERSC) – /global/common/software/e3sm/anaconda_envs

On a personal machine

To install your own version of the metapackage (typically on a machine not supported by E3SM), install Anaconda or Miniconda and then run the following:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict
conda create -n e3sm-unified -c conda-forge -c defaults -c e3sm \

Then, each time you want to use the tools from E3SM -Unified, call:

conda activate e3sm-unified


Activating older versions of the Conda environment

To activate a previous E3SM-Unified environment, run:

source <activate_path>/base/etc/profile.d/conda.sh
conda activate e3sm_unified_<version>
  • For csh and related shells, Replace “.sh” with “.csh”.
  • To see available versions, run
    • conda env list


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