E3SM Diagnostics

The goal of this work is to build comprehensive diagnostics software as an essential E3SM tool to facilitate the development of the next generation earth system model. This package is embedded into the E3SM process flow to enable seamless transition between model runs and diagnostics.

  • fully integrates the functionality of NCAR’s AMWG diagnostics package.
  • utilizes most updated observational datasets, including remote sensing, reanalysis and in-situ datasets.
  • interfaces with diagnostics developed from different E3SM focus groups: atmosphere group, coupled simulation group, land group.
  • interacts effectively with the PCMDI’s metrics package and the ARM diagnostics package through a unifying framework: Community Diagnostics Package (CDP).
  • is flexible for user specified diagnostics and being configured for use by other climate models.
  • enables model versus model and observational data versus observational data comparison in addition to standard model versus observational dataset.

E3SM Diagnostic Package Documentation

Diagnostic Plot Types and Currently Available Analysis Datasets

An example of the lat-lon contour plots for global precipitation

The software provides support for diagnostics based on seasonal or annual climatology data, including:

  • Latitude-Longitude contour maps
  • Polar contour maps
  • Zonal mean line plots
  • Pressure-Latitude zonal mean contour
  • CloudTopHeight-Tau joint histograms
  • Tables summarizing metrics
  • Taylor Diagrams for spatial variability

A basic set of analysis datasets are established for earth system fields:

  • GPCP for Precipitation
  • CERES_EBAF for radiation
  • Hadley Center data for sea surface temperature
  • WHOI-OAFlux for ocean surface latent and sensible heat fluxes
  • ERA-Interim and MERRA2 for reanalysis datasets
  • ISCCP, MISR and MODIS for Satellite simulator datasets

More datasets and variables can be easily extended based on scientists’ requests.

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