The Community Diagnostics Package (CDP) is a framework for creating new climate diagnostic packages in a generalized manner. Designed in an object-oriented method, CDP allows for a modular implementation of the components required for running diagnostics. The design of CDP consists of modules to handle the user-defined parameters, metrics, provenance, file I/O, output of results and algorithms for calculating the diagnostics.

CDP is developed by the Analytics and Informatics Managements Systems (AIMS) team and the Lawerence Livermore National Laboratory with funding by BER ESGF project.

CDP use for E3SM

PMP plot of Global RMS errors for CMIP5 models and E3SM DECKv1_piControl run. The more blue the color the better the model, the more red, the worst it is compared to all others.

Through CDP one can easily access all the diagnostic packages used by E3SM. The diagnostics that can be accessed through CDP:

Future plans include


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