v1 Configurations

The objective of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) is to better understand past, present and future climate changes arising from natural, unforced variability or in response to changes in radiative forcing in a multi-model context.

It is important to benchmark the E3SM version 1.0  using community protocols to establish its scientific credibility, including its overall climate and hydrological cycle. With this in mind, we decided to perform the CMIP6 DECK plus historical simulations (Eyring et al., 2016a) using the standard resolution  configuration (~110km atmosphere; 30-60km ocean).


The key experiments consist of a long pre-industrial control simulation and two idealized CO2 forcing simulations, historical simulations covering the historical record (1850-2014), as well as the atmosphere only (AMIP) simulations at standard model resolution (approximately 1 degree latitude by 1 degree longitude).

Scientifically Verified Configurations

Global RMS errors for CMIP5 models and E3SMv1 simulation (piControl). The more blue the color the better the model, the more red, the worst it is compared to all others.

E3SMv1 Standard Resolution

   Released configuration:


E3SMv1 High Resolution

   Released configuration:

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