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  • November 18, 2020
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  • Marking the completion of the AGU E3SM Special Collection, an introductory paper that provides an overview of the E3SM project and highlights its key findings was published in October 2020 (Leung et al. 2020). This special collection features 50 papers written by the E3SM team and collaborators to document the development of new model features released in E3SM v1 and those being integrated into E3SM v2. Many papers focus on modeling water cycle and biogeochemistry processes in E3SM to further the science goal of informing the evaluation of energy systems’ vulnerability to future changes in water cycle, biogeochemistry, and cryosphere processes. For example, the papers highlight the challenges and progress in modeling clouds and precipitation in the atmosphere and nutrients in the terrestrial system as well as document how the impacts of human activities on the terrestrial water cycle are represented in the model. The papers also investigate the impacts of model resolution and parametric and structural uncertainty.

    In addition to documenting the significant progress made in modeling each Earth system component, this special collection features three overview papers summarizing key results in coupled simulations of the physical climate at low/standard (Golaz et al., 2019) and high (Caldwell et al., 2019) resolutions, and coupled Earth system simulations with diagnostic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycles (Burrows et al., 2020). The special collection also reports on efforts to document and evaluate the coupled simulations.

    This special collection, as well as papers in other peer-reviewed journals, document the many innovations in E3SM, including a unique capability of regional refinement in modeling all of its components for multi-resolution modeling. With close collaborations between Earth system and computational scientists, the E3SM project represents a unique effort aiming to provide a sustainable path for innovations in Earth system modeling.

    Screen shot of the E3SM Special Collection on the AGU website.

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