v1 0.25 deg data: HiResMIP

The coupled 1950 control simulation was configured to adhere as closely as possible to the HighResMIP protocol for a coupled control run as outlined in Haarsma et al. 2016, GMD.

The atmosphere and land grids resolution is 0.25deg (~25km), the ocean and sea ice grids are variable resolution of 18 to 6 km. The simulation campaign is fully described in

The E3SM v1 high-res simulation campaign was based on the E3SM code version v1.0. Its flagship calculation was a 50-year-long high-resolution simulation with time-invariant 1950 forcings following the HighResMIP CMIP6 protocol (“1950-Control”). To assess model sensitivity to anthropogenic GHG and aerosol changes, short simulations with prescribed sea surface temperature and sea ice extent were also performed. For historical reasons, such simulations are referred to as “F” cases. To isolate the effect of resolution, each of these runs (“1950-Control” and all “F” runs) were repeated at standard resolution. For F cases, these standard-resolution simulations were performed using both the parameter settings for the high-resolution model and separately with the parameter values from the standard-resolution release. Standard- and high-resolution configurations have different parameter settings to compensate for the effect of resolution change on model behavior. For details, see the high-resolution overview paper by see Caldwell at al., 2019.

As a side note, a 1 year of high resolution raw, native model output data amounts to:

  • 1.3T of data
  • 135 files
  • 1 month of atmos data – 15G
  • 1 month of land data – 1.2G
  • 1 month of ocean data – 76G
  • 1 month of sea-ice data – 2.1G

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Overview Paper on HiResMIP data

  • Caldwell, P. M., Mametjanov, A., Tang, Q., Van Roekel, L. P., Golaz, J.‐C., Lin, W. and coauthors (2019). The DOE E3SM coupled model version 1: Description and results at high resolution. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 11. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019MS001870

News post on the overview publication:

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