v1 0.25 deg data: HiResMIP

The coupled 1950 control simulation was configured to adhere as closely as possible to the HighResMIP protocol for a coupled control run as outlined in Haarsma et al. 2016, GMD.

The atmosphere and land grids resolution is 0.25deg (~25km), the ocean and sea ice grids are variable resolution of 18 to 6 km.

It’s configuration is fully described in

So far 1 years of High Res 1950 Control simulation data was published to the E3SM project on ESGF.

The currently provided data is one of :

  • native raw model output data for atmosphere, land, mosart, ocean, and sea ice data.
  • the time frequency for atmosphere data is monthly, daily, 6 hourly and 3 hourly

The 1950-Control run with 1 year of data is:

  • 1.3T of data
  • 135 files
  • Each month of atmos data is 15G
  • Each month of land data is 1.2G
  • Each month of ocean data is 76G
  • Each month of sea-ice data is 2.1G

Water Cycle (0.25 deg atmosphere, 18-6 km ocean) HiResMIP-like experiment  

Configuration Description

How to search for particular data and data description

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