v1 1 deg CMIP6 data on HPSS

Users with accounts on NERSC can directly access the original model output from the E3SMv1 DECK simulation campaign. The output has been archived on NERSC HPSS using zstash. See below for some examples on how to retrieve files using zstash. For a more information, refer to the zstash documentation.

The list below provides output location for the various simulations.

  • piControl – 37 TB
    • /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180129.DECKv1b_piControl.ne30_oEC.edison
  • Historical – 12 TB each
    • H1: /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180215.DECKv1b_H1.ne30_oEC.edison
    • H2: /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180220.DECKv1b_H2.ne30_oEC.edison
    • H3: /home/z/zshaheen/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180302.DECKv1b_H3.ne30_oEC.edison
    • H4: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180305.DECKv1b_H4.ne30_oEC.edison
    • H5: /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180307.DECKv1b_H5.ne30_oEC.edison
  • abrupt-4xCO2 – 12 TB each
    • /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180215.DECKv1b_abrupt4xCO2.ne30_oEC.edison
  • 1pctCO2 – 11 TB each
    • /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180215.DECKv1b_1pctCO2.ne30_oEC.edison
  • AMIP –  4 TB each
    • A1: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180316.DECKv1b_A1.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A2: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180622.DECKv1b_A2.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A3: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180716.DECKv1b_A3.ne30_oEC.edison
  • AMIP 1850 allF – 4 to 5 TB each
    • A1: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180508.DECKv1b_A1_1850allF.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A2: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180622.DECKv1b_A2_1850allF.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A3: /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180716.DECKv1b_A3_1850allF.ne30_oEC.edison
  • AMIP 1850 aeroF – 4 to 5 TB each
    • A1:  /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180508.DECKv1b_A1_1850aeroF.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A2:  /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180622.DECKv1b_A2_1850aeroF.ne30_oEC.edison
    • A3:  /home/t/tang30/2018/E3SM_simulations/20180716.DECKv1b_A3_1850aeroF.ne30_oEC.edison

Retrieving data with zstash

Below are some basic examples on how to retrieve DECK output data on NERSC. You can retrieve directly from NERSC Cori machine, but for better performance we strongly recommend login to one of the NERSC DTNs (data transfer nodes: dtn<01…04>.nersc.gov). The example below relies on the E3SM unified environment. Alternatively, you can also install zstash in your own conda environment (see zstash documentation).

Activate environment

If you are using bash shell:

source /global/project/projectdirs/acme/software/anaconda_envs/load_latest_e3sm_unified_py2.7_nox.sh

If you are using csh shell:

source /global/project/projectdirs/acme/software/anaconda_envs/load_latest_e3sm_unified_py2.7_nox.csh


To extract files from an existing zstash archive into current directory <mydir>. Please make sure that the directory <mydir> is empty before you start. Zstash will create a sub-directory named zstash/ where is will store files retrived from HPSS (index file and necessary tar files).

cd <mydir>
zstash extract --hpss=<path to HPSS> [files]
All the files in the zstash archive will be extracted if [files] is left empty. Extraction of selected files is supported, including the use of wildcards (but note that expressions containing wildcards must be enclosed in ” ” to avoid shell substitution). For example, to extract all the monthly atmosphere output files (cam.h0 files) from the piControl simulation:
cd /home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180129.DECKv1b_piControl.ne30_oEC.edison
zstash extract --hpss=/home/g/golaz/2018/E3SM_simulations/repaired/20180129.DECKv1b_piControl.ne30_oEC.edison "archive/atm/hist/*.cam.h0.*.nc"
To list the content of an archive:
zstash ls --hpss=<path to HPSS>

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