E3SM All-Hands Presentstions

  • February 3, 2019
  • Brief,Home Page Feature
  • E3SM makes its All-Hands Presentations available to everyone via the E3SM’s YouTube channel. The all-hands presentations were recorded and are now offered for viewing together with the PowerPoint slides.


    The most recent presentations, see (All-Hands Presentations)  include:

    • “Updates to the Crop Model in ELM: Roots, Planting, and Future Directions” by Beth Drewniak (PDFMP4)
    • “Towards Efficient Time-stepping Methods for Ocean Modeling with Highly Nonuniform Grids” – Talk 1 of 6 (Introduction), by Max Grunzburger (PDF, MP4)
    • “Conservative Explicit Local Time-Stepping Schemes for the Shallow Water Equations” – Talk 2 of 6, by Lili Ju (PDFMP4)
    • Exponential Integrators with Fast and Slow Mode Splitting for Multilayer Ocean Models” – Talk 3 of 6, by Konstantin Pieper (PDFMP4)
    • Localized Exponential Time Differencing Methods Based on Domain Decomposition” – Talk 4 of 6, by Zhu Wang (PDFMP4)
    • “Exponential Time Differencing for the Tracer Equations Appearing in Primitive Equation Ocean Models” – Talk 5 of 6, by Sara Calandrini (PDFMP4)
    • “Hamiltonian Structure Preserving Reduced Order Modeling (HSP-ROM) for the Shallow Water Equations” – Talk 6 of 6, by K. Chad Sockwell (PDFMP4)
    • Weaker Land-climate Feedbacks from Nutrient Uptake During Photosynthesis Inactive Periods”, by William Riley (PDFMP4)

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