From the Program Manager, Nov ’21: DOE Seeks E3SM-Related Proposals

  • November 22, 2021
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  • Xujing Davis

    Xujing Davis, ESMD Program Manager, DOE BER

    I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. There are many exciting key items to share in this issue.


    FY22 is an important year: the E3SM team is preparing for Phase 3 while performing E3SMv2 simulations following the E3SMv2.0 release (see the updated E3SM Brochure and V2 Publicity) and Two Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs) with a focus on E3SM have been recently released. When preparing your applications, please familiarize yourself with E3SM’s Current Status and Major challenges summarized by E3SM team leaders. Please also check out other open calls including the ALCC announcement.


    Achievements and Honors

    We already have a great start to the fiscal year. CICE Consortium led by Elizabeth Hunke, with DOE’s leadership and contribution, earned a spot in the R&D World’s top 100 R&D innovation awards for 2021 and won the Gold Medal for Corporate Social Responsibility. Of the 138 CMIP6 simulation experiments by 19 different institutions, CICE was used in 47 (34%). CICE is the most widely used sea-ice model in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project!

    E3SM Chief Scientist  L. Ruby Leung was honored as one of the three DOE Office of Science Distinguished Scientist Fellows for “pioneering new approaches in climate modeling, the discovery of unexpected impacts of regional climate change, and understanding extreme weather events and their future changes.

    E3SM community member and collaborator Xubin Zeng, a professor at the University of Arizona, was elected as an AGU Fellow for “his outstanding achievements and contributions by pushing the frontiers of our science forward”.

    Congratulations to all!


    In international settings: thanks to an invitation from our colleagues at ECMWF, E3SM’s Chief Computational Scientist Mark Taylor presented E3SM’s high-resolution modeling efforts and GPU porting strategy at the EU H2020-funded ESCAPE-2 Workshop, and as I write this, E3SM BGC Group Co-lead Jennifer Holm is returning from the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow. Please check out her unique experience and takeaways as an E3SM scientist (maybe the first) who attended this event.

    At DOE/EESSD, the AI4ESP Workshop is currently taking place virtually with 17 sessions spanning 10/25/21 to 12/08/21. A high-level yet forward-looking report following the workshop will inform the Office of Science’s future priorities and the next EESSD strategic plan. I encourage you to register for the public sessions for this inspiring event. There will also be an AI4ESP town hall at the upcoming AGU meeting. Other relevant AGU DOE town halls include TH026-on EESM’s Opportunities in Coastal Systems, Urban Resilience, and Extreme Events, TH016 – Integrated Research in Mountainous Hydroclimate at the U.S. Department of Energy and TH031 – IARPC Townhall on Arctic System Modeling Capabilities. Please also check out E3SM at AGU 2021 and EESM at AGU. I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


    Thanks and Welcome

    Many of you may know that Pat Worley, former Group Lead of the E3SM Performance Group and a dedicated group member since the beginning of the E3SM project, will be retiring. Thank you, Pat, for the difference you have made, for helping shape and advance E3SM to be where it is today!  Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement – you will be very much missed by the team!

    Many of you may not know that Holly Davis, the Managing Editor of the E3SM Newsletter, dedicated editor, science writer, designer, software engineer and scientist, will be going on a leave of absence due to family matters. I want to thank Holly for her outstanding work and countless hours of dedication to E3SM needs. Past issues of E3SM newsletters and the recent ESMD-E3SM PI Meeting Report reflect her professional excellence and will continue to serve as valuable resources for the science community. I’ve greatly enjoyed working with Holly since joining DOE. All the best for your transition, Holly, and I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future!

    Please join me in welcoming AAAS Fellow Olga Tweedy, who recently joined the EESM program. Her main focus is on AI4ESP activities. She will also help organize the upcoming series of EESM PI meetings and other EESM events.


    Please check out recent research progress highlighted in this issue related to Antarctic Climate Changes, Model Resolution Impact on SST BiasA Scalable Implicit Time-Stepping Method for the E3SM Ocean Model  and Ohm’s Law for Biogeochemical Modeling.


    Last but not the least, you may not want to miss visiting the E3SM store, which will be open only until January 14, 2022, to grab your favorite E3SM gear!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, 


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