E3SM v2 Water Cycle Simulations Are Running

  • November 15, 2021
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  • After freezing and tagging the code, the Water Cycle group is now busy executing its planned simulation campaign with both the low-resolution (“v2.LR”, also referred to as standard resolution) and the North American Regionally Refined Model (“v2.NARRM”) configurations.

    The table below summarizes the simulations that have been completed to date, or are currently on-going. These simulations will serve as the basis for the first wave of E3SMv2 overview and analysis papers which the team expects to begin submitting before the end of the year. The group anticipates that more simulations will be added to the simulation campaign based on needs and interests of the group and project.

    All simulations are fully coupled, except for those specified as “Atmosphere” (implying active atmosphere, thermodynamic sea-ice with prescribed extent, land, and river).

    Simulated years to date:

    • v2.LR : 6725 years
    • v2.NARRM : 1665 years
    E3SM v2 Water Cycle Simulations

    E3SM version 2 Water Cycle Simulations

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