E3SM Phase 3 Templates

Below are the E3SM Phase 3 templates for presentations. You are welcome to change it as you wish to suite your needs.

Several template pptx files are available in order to dowsize the size of the template. The template with all choices of templated pages and no animated gif, is still fairly large, a 30MB file. Hence it was split into few smaller tempates that have very small footprint of 2MB (Red theme), 5MB (Blue theme) and 10MB.

The template that includes animated gifs and all possible pages is also available, but please make note that it is 230MB. The animated gifs are also posted here for download, you can add them to any of the temaplates.

E3SM Presentation Templates (pptx)

E3SM Poster Templates (pptx)

Additinally, if you like working with LATEX in Overleaf, the E3SM poster template is avialable in Overleaf:

Animated Gifs

Animated gifs of the small globe and larger half-dome are available here:

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