Upcoming E3SM Hackathon 3: polaris

  • February 28, 2023
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    Building on last year’s successes, the organizers (Xylar Asay-Davis and Carolyn Begeman) of previous E3SM Hackathons would like to invite E3SM members to participate in the third hackathon focused on the new polaris software, described below.

    This hackathon will introduce developers to the polaris tool for developing test cases and analysis for 4 E3SM components: MPAS-Ocean, MPAS-Seaice, MALI, and OMEGA. Polaris is the successor to compass, which focused on testing for MPAS-Ocean and MALI, and MPAS-Analysis, which focused on analysis for MPAS-Ocean and MPAS-Seaice. In addition, polaris will include tests and analysis for the new OMEGA ocean component of E3SM. This hackathon will focus on developing tests for any of the supported E3SM components, leaving analysis development to a potential future hackathon.

    This hackathon aims to include 12 to 16 participants and to take place over a 2-week period in May or June (exact date to be determined). Following the structure of the previous 2 hackathons, the participants would work together as a team, meet daily to check in, discuss progress, and self-assign tasks in a process based on Scrum. Participants are highly encouraged to attend the hackathon in person at LANL, but an option for hybrid or remote participation will also be available. The organizers are hoping for participants with a strong interest in the code but with any levels of experience. A major emphasis of the Hackathon will be bringing more E3SM team members up to speed on developing polaris in a highly collaborative setting.

    The successful hackathon outcome would include:

    • training for folks who are new to polaris
    • more future contributors
    • a greater sense of common code ownership
    • continuing to foster a strong team spirit



    • Xylar Asay-Davis and Carolyn Begeman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
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