First Online E3SM Training

  • July 14, 2018
  • Event Announcement
  • The E3SM community is growing with new SciDAC and other “ecosystem” projects that are working with the E3SM model and data. It is therefore increasingly important for E3SM to educate new users and provide tutorials on how to work with the model and the model output.

    The first E3SM online tutorials will be available in late September and early October 2018.  The first tutorial sessions will provide “quick start” instructions on running the model, getting data, and using existing evaluation and diagnostic tools. This training opportunity will cover:

    • E3SM quick start to get, set up and run the model;
    • E3SM scientifically validated configurations;
    • Model output and how to get it from ESGF; and
    • Quick start to use evaluation and diagnostic software for the E3SM.

    Training will be in the form of pre-recorded online tutorials, and it will include detailed documentation and examples for each lesson.

    The tutorials will be available at E3SM Tutorials page.

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