First E3SM Virtual Training

  • February 3, 2019
  • Brief,Home Page Feature
  • E3SM is offering a series of prerecorded online E3SM training sessions that are designed for new E3SM collaborative projects and for new users.

    The series of three tutorials serves as a way to get started quickly with “how-to” information for working with the E3SM model at NERSC and how to get data. The tutorials are short, easy to follow, and each includes a video recording that is posted on the E3SM YouTube Channel and a PowerPoint presentation with commands to use when following a tutorial.


    The first online video tutorials cover:

    • E3SM quick start guide to get, set up and run the E3SM v1 model at NERSC (MP4PDF)
    • E3SM model output and how to get it from ESGF (MP4, PDF)
    • Quick start guide to using evaluation and diagnostic tools for the E3SM model (MP4PDF)

    The E3SM project will be adding more tutorials focusing on the E3SM model itself, with an introduction to E3SM v1.0 components and the description of the v1.0 scientifically validated configuration. Please visit the E3SM Tutorials page.

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