E3SM Store Extended

  • February 22, 2022
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  • E3SM swag store stays open till end of March 2022.

    The web store, https://e3sm2021.itemorder.com/, will be open until 3/31/2022.

    Items will be shipped to your home (or office) about a month after the store closes.

    Due to low order number so far, we will keep the store open and it will close at 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, March 31, 2022. It is expected to reopen at some point in the future again.

    Image of E3SM t-shirts and accessories

    E3SM t-shirts and accessories.

    The exact images for the water bottle and mug on the web store might be slightly different than the real product. Below are the items that are being offered. The location of the logo and mug image might shift slightly.


    E3SM mug showing an image of ocean currents

    Artist’s rendition of the E3SM mug.

    E3SM blue stainless steel water bottle

    Stainless steel water bottle.

    The information for the baseball cap on the web store is incomplete since there isn’t a way to show an image of the back of the hat on the web store’s website.  The cap is adjustable (due to the hook and loop closure) and has space for a ponytail to go through it.  Additionally, the white logo will be centered on the front of the cap and will follow the brim-line of the hat (it will not be slightly slanted as shown in the photo below).


    Front view of E3SM baseball cap

    Front view of the E3SM baseball cap.

    Back view of the grey E3SM hat

    Back view of the E3SM baseball cap.

    A note about quotas on the water bottle and mug: both items have a minimum number that must be purchased via the web store. It appears that the minimum number is 12 water bottles and 12 mugs. If we do not collectively meet this minimum quota, the water bottle and/or mug portion of your order may be cancelled and your money refunded to you. There are no minimums on the t-shirts or baseball hat.

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