E3SM Help Slack Channel Available

  • February 23, 2021
  • Brief,Home Page Feature
  • The #e3sm-help Slack channel within the ESMD-BER Slack Workspace (http://esmd-ber.slack.com) is available to all Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division (EESSD)-funded project PIs (and their teams) working with E3SM to ask questions as they are running the E3SM model. There is also an #e3sm-help-postproc channel for questions about the analysis tools.

    If you are the PI on an EESSD-funded project, contact Robert Jacob (jacob@anl.gov) to get yourself and your group added to the ESMD-BER Slack Workspace. If you already have a workspace of your own, contact Robert about a shared channel.

    You can interface with Slack using a browser but we recommend using standalone clients available for OSX, Android, iOS, Linux (beta) and Windows, see https://slack.com/downloads.

    ESMD-BER Slack Workspace:

    Help channels:

    • #e3sm-help – for questions about running the E3SM model
    • #e3sm-help-postproc – for questions about the analysis tools
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