DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program

  • February 18, 2020
  • Employment Opportunity
  • The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Science is pleased to announce that the Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) program is now accepting applications for the 2020 Solicitation 1.  Applications are due 5:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, May 6, 2020 May 20, 2020 (deadline extended).


    The SCGSR program supports supplemental awards to outstanding U.S. graduate students to conduct part of their graduate thesis research at a DOE national laboratory/facility in collaboration with a DOE laboratory scientist for a period of 3 to 12 consecutive months—with the goal of preparing graduate students for scientific and technical careers critically important to the DOE Office of Science mission.


    The SCGSR program is open to current Ph.D. students in qualified graduate programs at accredited U.S. academic institutions, who are conducting their graduate thesis research in targeted areas of importance to the DOE Office of Science. The research opportunity is expected to advance the graduate students’ overall doctoral thesis/dissertation while providing access to the expertise, resources, and capabilities available at the host DOE laboratories/facilities. The supplemental award provides for additional, incremental costs for living and travel expenses directly associated with conducting the SCGSR research project at the DOE host laboratory/facility during the award period.


    The Biological and Environmental Research program area for the solicitation includes a topic on “Earth System Modeling: Computational Climate Modeling” that may be of interest to the E3SM community.   Additionally, there is a new transdisciplinary research area of “Data Science” that includes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and uncertainty quantification and may be of interest


    Detailed information about the program, including eligibility requirements and access to the online application system, can be found at:  The Office of Science expects to make approximately 95 awards in the 2020 Solicitation 1 cycle, for project periods beginning anytime between November 9, 2020 and March 1, 2021.  Since its inception in 2014, the SCGSR program has provided support to over 520 graduate awardees from 137 different U.S. universities to conduct thesis research at 18 DOE national laboratories/facilities across the nation.


    The SCGSR program is sponsored and managed by the DOE Office of Science’s Office of Workforce Development for Teachers and Scientists (WDTS), in collaboration with the six Office of Science research programs offices and the DOE national laboratories/facilities, and program administration support is provided by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).


    For any questions, please contact the SCGSR Program Manager, Dr. Ping Ge, at

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