DOE Early Career Awards

  • November 29, 2023
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  • The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced the selection of 93 scientists from across the nation to receive funding for research as part of the DOE Office of Science’s Early Career Research Program (ECRP).

    The projects of six awardees concentrate on research emphases of DOE’s Earth and Environmental Systems Modeling (EESM) program. Research will address coastal-urban regions of the United States, home to 128 million people—about 40 percent of the nation’s total population. These regions are disproportionately affected by changing earth systems. The six EESM awards will focus on a key DOE Biological and Environmental Research (BER) program Grand Challenge by simulating coastal-urban systems with an emphasis on the natural and human-mediated components on the coastal-urban environments.


    Awarded projects are solicited and supported by two EESM program areas, Earth System Model Development (ESMD) and Regional and global Model Analysis (RGMA). The six awardees include:

    • Steven Brus, Argonne National Laboratory
      • “Assessing climate impacts on coastal-urban flooding through high-resolution barotropic and baroclinic ocean coupling.”
    • Tirthankar (“TC”) Chakraborty, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      • “A Planetary-Scale Data–Model Integration Framework to Resolve Urban Impacts Across Scales and Examine Weather Extremes over Coastal U.S. Cities”.
    • Richard Fiorella, Los Alamos National Laboratory
      • “Probing water cycle processes and extremes in coastal and urban environments using water isotope ratio tracers and numerical tags”.
    • Dan Lu, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
      • “Integrating Machine Learning Models into E3SM for Understanding Coastal Compound Flooding”.
    • Julia Moriarty, University of Colorado, Boulder
      • “Improving Predictability of Aqueous Coastal Biogeochemistry During Floods, Storms and a Warming Climate”.
    • Youtong Zheng, University of Houston
      • “Using Kilometer-Scale E3SM to Investigate Air Pollution Impacts on Coastal Storms”.

    About the Early Career Research Program

    Researchers in universities and DOE national laboratories compete for awards under the DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program. The funds support outstanding, early career scientists, stimulating their careers in the disciplines funded through Office of Science programs.

    The DOE Office of Science’s Early Career Research Program is designed to strengthen the nation’s scientific workforce by supporting exceptional researchers at the outset of their careers—when many scientists do their most formative work.

    To be eligible for Early Career Research Program awards, a researcher must be an untenured, tenure-track assistant or associate professor at a U.S. academic institution or a full-time employee at a DOE National Laboratory who received a Ph.D. within the past 12 years.

    For more information, visit the Early Career Research Program page.

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