Dates Changed for Upcoming Meetings

  • August 21, 2022
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  • Dates Changed for Upcoming Meetings

    There are several meetings planned in the next few months, please hold the dates if you are planning to attend, but note that the dates changed, see correct dates below.

    E3SM Phase III Review

    The E3SM project’s second phase (second 3-year funding period) is ending, and thus it will undergo the Review of achievements in Phase 2 and the planning for Phase 3 of the project in order to receive next 3-year funding from DOE BER.

    The E3SM Leadership Team should hold time in the week below, but the review may only take 3 out of the 4 days. The review is planned as a virtual meeting.

    11am-5:00pm ET during Oct 31 – Nov 03 2022

    EESM PI Meeting

    This meeting is intended for Principal Investigators (PI) of the projects funded by the Earth and Environmental System Modeling (EESM) program. EESM is part of the Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division (EESSD), under the Office of Science’s Biological and Environmental Research (BER) Office. The meeting is currently planned to be a full virtual meeting currently

    There is a change of plan and the PI meeting will be rescheduled in Spring 2023

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