Data from E3SM v2.0 is Available

  • February 28, 2023
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  • The E3SM version 2.0 water cycle simulation campaign’s standard set of Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Characterization of Klima (DECK) simulations have been published and are free to download via the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) distributed and federated archives.

    Both native model output and CMIP6 per-variable data are now available for the E3SM v2.0 DECK lower-resolution configuration (approximately 1-degree latitude by 1-degree longitude) simulations. The data encompasses 368 native datasets and over 3500 CMIP6 datasets. These sets are free to download via the ESGF in native format at E3SM Data Search | E3SM | ESGF-CoG and the data reformatted following CMIP6 conventions is also available at cmip6 Data Search | cmip6 | ESGF-CoG.

    Native model output data

    Native output for the following DECK v2.0 experiments is available:

    • piControl – Pre-industrial control (piControl) simulation (500 years)
    • historical – Historical simulations 1850-2014 (165 years), 5 ensembles
    • 1pctCO2 – Prescribed 1% per year CO2 increase (1pctCO2) simulation (150 years)
    • abrupt-4xCO2 – Abrupt CO2 quadrupling (abrupt-4xCO2) simulation (150 years), 2 ensembles
    • amip – Atmosphere only AMIP simulation 1870-2014 (145 years), 3 ensembles
    • hist-aer – Single-forcing (DAMIP-like) (165 years), 5 ensembles
    • hist-nat [*] – All historical forcings except Greenhouse Gas and Aerosol (165 years) 5 ensemble
    • hist-GHG – single-forcing (DAMIP-like) (165 years) 5 ensembles
    • piClim-control – RFMIP baseline control (50 years)
    • piClim-histaer – RFMIP time-varying ERF aerosols (165 years) 5 ensembles
    • piClim-histall – RFMIP time-varying ERF all agents (165 years) 5 ensembles

    CMIP6 formatted data

    To date, 3466 CMIP6 datasets for the E3SM version v2.0 have been published, comprised of these 11 activities and experiments, for the 114 variables in monthly, daily, and 3-hourly frequencies.

    CMIP activity:

    • 1pctCO2 – CMIP6.CMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.1pctCO2
    • abrupt-4xCO2 – CMIP6.CMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.abrupt-4xCO2
    • amip – CMIP6.CMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.amip
    • historical – CMIP6.CMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.historical
    • piControl – CMIP6.CMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.piControl

    DAMIP activity:

    • hist-aer – CMIP6.DAMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.hist-aer
    • hist-GHG – CMIP6.DAMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.hist-GHG
    • hist-nat [*]- CMIP6.DAMIP.E3SM-Project.E3SM-2-0.hist-nat

    RFMIP activity:

    Publication of the corresponding North American Regionally-Refined Mesh (NARRM) data sets will be forthcoming shortly.

    [*] Note that the setup for this experiment was a little different than “hist-nat” from natural-only historical simulations described in Gillett et al – 2016. Despite this, the experiment name “hist-nat” was settled upon here in place of the formal experiment name “hist-all-xGHG-xaer” (all forcings except greenhouse gases and aerosols) of the native model output. See E3SM v2.0 overview paper for details on the E3SM setup.


    • E3SM v2.0 overview paper:
      • Golaz, J.-C., Van Roekel, L. P., Zheng, X., Roberts, A. F., Wolfe, J. D., Lin, W., et al. (2022). The DOE E3SM Model version 2: Overview of the physical model and initial model evaluation. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 14, e2022MS003156,

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