E3SM All-Hands Presentations – May 2022 Update

  • May 24, 2022
  • Event Announcement,Home Page Feature
  • E3SM scientists and other invited researchers share their work during regular online webinars. The E3SM project makes these All-Hands Presentations available to everyone via the E3SM YouTube channel. In addition to a video of the webinar, the website provides links to the presentation’s PowerPoint slides.


    For all presentations, see the All-Hands Presentations page.

    The most recent presentations include:

    • “How Many Ensemble Members Do We Need? Analyzing two IC large ensembles through an ‘extreme’ lens. by Claudia Tebaldi (PDF, MP4)
    • “Enabling Aerosol-Cloud Interactions at GLobal Convection-Permitting scalES (EAGLES)” by Po-Lun Ma (PDF, MP4)
    • “Effective Radiative Forcing of Anthropogenic Aerosols in E3SM v1 and v2” by Kai Zhang (PDF, MP4)
    • “Impact of the P3 Cloud Microphysics on Simulation of Mesoscale Convective Systems in E3SM Regionally Refined Model (RRM)” by Jiwen Fan (PDF, MP4)
    • “Introduction to the YAKL C++ Portability Library” by Matt Norman (PDF, MP4)
    • “Historical and Future Projection Simulations by the Global Coupled E3SMv1.0 Model as Used in CMIP6” by Xue Zheng (PDF, MP4)
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