Compass v1.0.0

  • May 24, 2022
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  • A compass test

    Figure 1. A compass test case showing the vorticity in an idealized ocean basin.

    E3SM released the first stable version (v1.0.0) of the new compass python package on March 29, 2022. Compass (Configuration Of Model for Prediction Across Scales Setups) provides an automated system for creating E3SM initial conditions and performing other testing of E3SM’s ocean and land-ice components (MPAS-Ocean and MALI). This new release is the culmination of a complete rewrite of the compass framework and test cases for increased flexibility, better code reuse, and easier incorporation of external tools, packages, and libraries.

    Compass is planned as the primary tool for creating E3SM ocean and land-ice initial conditions for E3SM v3 and beyond. It includes “realistic” configurations that use data sets from observations to create global and regional meshes, initial conditions, and boundary conditions. It also includes a large number of “idealized” test cases for bench-marking, convergence verification, regression testing, and process studies (Fig. 1).


    Compass v1.0.0 is installed and ready to use on several E3SM-supported machines. A user can also create a new conda environment for use on a laptop or desktop from the e3sm Anaconda channel with a single command. Instructions for this, as well as a complete description of COMPASS functionality and workflow is described in the comprehensive documentation: compass – compass 1.0.0 documentation



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