E3SM Unifield Environment

E3SM software tools are easily installed through conda install. To make sure all software is able to coexist together and work seamlessly, E3SM project is maintaining the unified anaconda environment which includes modules needed by all E3SM developed tools. It ensures that all one you install this environment, you will be able to run any of the supported tools.


Activating the environment

Activating the environment on supported machines: Supported Software, Machines and POCs  (E3SM internal page)


  • Quick start guides for LLNL AIMS4/ACME1:
    module use /usr/local/e3sm_unified/modulefiles
    module load e3sm-unified/1.1.2-py2-x
  • Quick start guides for NERSC Edison:
    module use /global/project/projectdirs/acme/software/modulefiles/all
    module load e3sm-unified/1.1.2-py2-x
  • Quick start guides for OLCF Rhea:
module use /ccs/proj/cli115/software/modulefiles/all
module load e3sm-unified/1.1.2-py2-x

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