Postdoc Opportunity in ANL in Climate Modeling Group

  • August 15, 2018
  • Employment Opportunity
  • The Climate Modeling group at Argonne National Laboratory is looking for a PostDoctoral scientist with an interest in climate modeling.  The successful candidate will conduct basic research on and development of methods for coupling components of a climate model. The specific areas of interest are (1) numerical integrators for coupled atmosphere-ocean models, (2) advanced time stepping methods such as partitioned, implicit-explicit and multirate schemes, and (3) analysis of deficiencies in current climate model coupling methods. The candidate will participate at all the stages of the implementation of the resulting methods from prototyping in high-level languages to development in a high performance-computing environment. The candidate will be part of the CANGA project ( a team that includes computational mathematicians, climate model experts, computer, and earth system scientists. The candidate will work with staff of both the Environmental Science and Mathematics and Computer Science Divisions. These programs focus on climate modeling and advanced scientific computing.

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