From the Program Manager: February 2019

  • February 3, 2019
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  • The E3SM project is settling into phase 2 of the project, while also expanding its deployment to a broader research community.

    The current newsletter issue provides updates on the project simulation campaigns. As these campaigns progress, the E3SM publications are also appearing, including those in the AGU E3SM special issue (see the story, “AGU – Special Collection for E3SM“).

    Regarding the growing E3SM community:

    • The current newsletter provides information on new projects just launched by DOE in FY18 that will contribute to E3SM development and analysis.
    • The DOE Earth and Environmental System Modeling (EESM) PI Meeting began with two days of general science presentations and break-out discussions that included and integrated all of the DOE modeling community. These sessions were focused on how to integrate model development, analysis, and human systems to advance various grand-challenge areas, such as coastal systems, land disturbance, high-latitudes, high-performance computing, and more. Later in the meeting, the E3SM project had opportunities to engage with the broader E3SM community, as well as the extended EESM community.
    • Several awards were presented to E3SM team members at the PI Meeting, including the Phase 1 Leadership Award, awards to the “critical path” team that worked round-the-clock to finalize version 1 of the model in time for the spring-release deadline, and the Best E3SM Poster Award.
    • The E3SM project has started to provide recorded tutorials on how to run the model and work with the model output.
    • E3SM convened Town Halls at both the AGU and the AMS meetings this year. At our AGU session, the focus was on the release of E3SM version 1 (v1), the science and capabilities of v1, and how to get and use the code.  At our AMS session, the focus was the atmosphere and a development pathway toward cloud-resolving resolutions and science.

    Stay tuned for exciting news later this year, including some new DOE laboratory-led activities to extend E3SM capabilities and its integration with the other modeling activities.

    – Dorothy Koch, E3SM Program Manager

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