E3SM All-Hands Presentations – August 2020 Update

  • August 18, 2020
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  • The E3SM project makes its All-Hands Presentations available to everyone via the E3SM YouTube channel. In addition to a video of the webinar, the website provides links to the presentation’s PowerPoint slides.


    For all presentations, see the All-Hands Presentations page.

    The most recent presentations include:

    • “An Introduction to MPAS-Analysis” by Xylar Asay-Davis (PDF, MP4)
    • “Quantifying Drivers of Uncertainty in Land Model Predictions from Site to Global Scales Using Machine Learning” by Daniel Ricciuto (PDF, MP4)
    • “Progress update:  High-resolution Offline ELM Simulation over North America ” by Peter Thornton (PDF, MP4)
    • “Machine Learning Approaches to Ensure Statistical Reproducibility of ESM Simulations” by Salil Mahajan (PDF, MP4)
    • “Unstructured Wave Modeling in E3SM”, by Steven Brus (PDF, MP4)
    • “Tipping Points in Melting Beneath Antarctic Ice Shelves, A Tale of Two Ice Shelves”, by Matt Hoffman (PDF, MP4)
    • “Performance Analytics for Computational Experiments (PACE)”, by Sarat Sreepathi (PDF, MP4)
    • “Using Stable Carbon Isotopes to Constrain Terrestrial Biosphere Water Use Efficiency”, by Lisa Welp (PDF, MP4)
    • “Representation of Modes of Variability (MoV) in 6 U.S. Climate Models”, by Clara Orbe (PDF, MP4)
    • “Advancing Crop Modeling from Field to Regional Scales to Assess Agroecosystem Productivity, Sustainability, and Climate Adaptions”, by Kaiyu Guan (PDF)
    • “Coupling Stochastic Convection Parameterization with ZM in E3SM”, by Guang Zhang (PDF, MP4)
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