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The pre-industrial control simulation (piControl) was configured to adhere as closely as possible with the CMIP6 DECK specifications (Eyring at al. 2016, GMD) with prescribed forcings appropriate for 1850 conditions.  

The atmosphere and land grids resolution is 1deg (~100km), the ocean and sea ice grids are variable resolution of 60 to 30 km.

It’s configuration is fully described in

500 years of CMIP6 DECK piControl simulation data was published to the E3SM project on ESGF. This first release/first publication from E3SM model data does not yet adhere to the CMIP6 protocol (we plan to publish properly formatted, CMORized data to CMIP6 project on ESGF shortly) .

The currently provided data is one of :

  • native raw model output data
  • regridded (to 129×256 lon-lat grid) model output data
  • regridded monthly climatologies
  • regridded seasonal climatologies

The piControl run with 500 years of data consists of:

  • 34T of data
  • 43742 files
  • Each month of atmos data is 1.022G
  • Each month of land data is 0.88G
  • Each month of ocean data is 3.7G
  • Each month of sea-ice data is 0.138G
  • Each 500yr time-series is 0.757G

Water Cycle (1 deg atmosphere, 30-60 km ocean) CMIP6 DECK experiments:

Configuration Description

How to search for particular data and data description

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