COVID-19 Simulation Data Now Available

  • February 23, 2021
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  • The simulations with COVID-related emissions reductions belong to the CMIP6 DAMIP activity (experiment: ssp245-covid) and the associated simulation without those emissions reductions belong to the ScenarioMIP activity (experiment: ssp245).

    The E3SM project contributed to a study of the effects of COVID-19-related reductions in energy consumption and associated emissions on climate by contributing simulations to an international model intercomparison effort.

    E3SM, along with eight other international Earth System Models (ACCESS-ESM1-5, CanESM5, EC-Earth3, GISS-E2-1-G, MIROC-ES2L, MPI-ESM1-2-LR, MRI-ESM2-0, NorESM2-LM, see DAMIP Data Holdings ), are working on quantifying the effect of COVID-related emissions reductions on climate, by examining the effects on temperature, precipitation, and other variables both globally and locally. To do this, E3SM and the other international teams are performing and comparing simulations with and without COVID-related emissions reductions. The E3SM data from these simulations are now available on the ESGF CMIP6 portal.

    The E3SM simulations with COVID-19-related scenarios were defined by the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) activities of DAMIP (Detection and Attribution Model Intercomparison Project) and ScenarioMIP (Scenario Model Intercomparison Project) and belong to the experiments called “ssp245-covid” and “ssp245”.

    The COVID-19 study datasets are available in CMIP6 data holdings on ESGF:

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