2020 ESMD-E3SM Best Poster Award

  • November 18, 2020
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  • 2020 Best Poster Award

    Xujing Davis, DOE BER, presents Best Poster Award to Chris Terai, LLNL

    Chris Terai and Team Win Best Poster Award

    The poster

    “Capabilities and remaining challenges for SCREAM Evaluation”


    Chris Terai, Ben Hillman, Paul Ullrich, Weiran Liu, Hassan Beydoun, Peter Bogenschutz, Chris Golaz, Noel Keen, Wuyin Lin, Mark Taylor, and Peter Caldwell

    won the Best Poster Award at the virtual ESMD-E3SM Fall Meeting in October 2020.

    Ninety posters were presented at the meeting in a virtual setting, and the poster discussions were held on Slack, where channels were set up for each poster category. Vigorous discussions on each poster followed a threaded conversation uniquely set up for that poster. Meeting attendees voted for up to five posters and Chris Terai and his team scored in first place.

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